Master helicopter school – enjoy the freedom of the skies
Flying helicopters is exciting and fun, the key to a fascinating hobby or a rewarding new career. Whatever your dream, nothing’s as important as your choice of helicopter school. Not all helicopter flight schools are the same: look for the following when shortlisting helicopter schools:

  • Convenient location
  • Experienced, friendly helicopter flight school staff
  • Expert training designed around you
  • Approved flight training organisation and helicopter training school
  • A varied fleet of challenging training helicopters
  • One-to-one dedicated instruction
  • Not just PPL(H) training – advanced training too

As one of the more experienced helicopter training schools in Gloucestershire, Rise Helicopters’ clients benefit from years of experience and the advanced training skills that have launched hundreds of helicopter careers.

Helicopter school components

For their convenience, our clients can choose between part-time or intensive helicopter courses. Whichever course you opt for, you’ll build skills and confidence with varied flying as you cover the 27 JAR FCL-2 exercises and gain cross-country experience. (How many other helicopter schools offer the wonderful flying environment we offer due to our position between the beautiful Cotswolds and the Welsh Mountains?)

  • A minimum 45 hours flying time (up to six hours’ credit with an aeroplane PPL).
  • Ten solo flight hours within the 45 hours, including five hours’ cross-country.
  • One solo flight within the 10 hours must cover more than 100 nm and include landings at two aerodromes.

Practical training is complemented by helicopter ground school study that’s essential to make sure you get the most out of your practical training and pass your PPL(H).

  • Aviation Law and Operational Procedures
  • Aircraft General Knowledge and Principals of Flight
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Radiotelephony

Most Rise students master helicopter flying theory through training with their instructor and self-study; students often tell us how they appreciate training tailored to their preferred learning method. It makes all the difference as you prepare for the PPL(H) multiple-choice tests. Naturally, all training materials are available from us.

Helicopter school costs

For maximum flexibility, ‘pay as you go’ or pre-book several lessons at our helicopter pilot school to enjoy special booking rates. Some of our courses even come with free course materials – how many other helicopter flight training schools offer this valuable benefit (currently worth £226*)?

Pay as You Go

Robinson R22 £230 per hour
Robinson R44 £370 per hour

Advance booking (10 hours or more)

Robinson R22 £220 per hour
Robinson R44 £360 per hour

Advance booking (45 hours or more)

Robinson R22 £220 per hour (with FREE course materials worth £265*)
Robinson R44 £360 per hour (with FREE course materials worth £265*)

*Prices exclude VAT; prices and offers may change; ask for latest details.

Become a qualified helicopter pilot in weeks

Rise Helicopters can provide intensive courses for those people that want to acquire the licence quickly. They can even arrange accommodation locally. Call our helicopter school and take your first step towards becoming a helicopter pilot.




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