We’ll help you get your private helicopter licence
Imagine getting a helicopter licencethat gives you freedom of the skies, lets you hire helicopters and launches a fascinating new interest. When you get your helicopter pilot licence with Gloucestershire-based Rise Helicopters, all this becomes possible. All you need is commitment, ability and excellent training.

Almost anyone can get their helicopter licence

People from all sorts of backgrounds are discovering the freedom and exhilaration that comes with getting a helicopter license and becoming a trained helicopter pilot. Rise Helicopters is an experienced EASA-approved flight training organisation (FTO) with a great track record for getting new pilots through the PPL(H) licence. And once you’ve got your ‘PPL(H) you’ll have the perfect foundation for advanced helicopter licenses or instructor training.

Why Rise?

The attractions of learning with Rise Helicopters include:

  • A convenient training location in the beautiful Cotswolds
  • A fleet of 11 training helicopters
  • Flexible helicopter licence training to suit you
  • An excellent safety record
  • Peace of mind from a fully approved flight school
  • Friendly, experienced instructors (usually the same one for each lesson)
  • Great value (helicopter training starts at just £220 + VAT per hour in our Robinson R22)
Progressing towards your PPL(H) licence

Getting your private helicopter pilots licence combines important theoretical knowledge (tested by multiple-choice exams) with at least 45 hours’ flying time (including a minimum 10 hours solo). As you master the 27 JAR FCL-2 flying exercises, you’ll develop skills you’ll need to fly anywhere – from sightseeing over the Cotswolds to a round-the-world journey like helicopter adventurer Jenny Murray.

Having mastered helicopter handling, flight manoeuvres, transitions and hovering, you’ll make your first solo flight. Then, leading up to your flight test, the culmination of your helicopter pilot training, you’ll fly further from base on a series of solo flights and navigation exercises before flight test day brings the opportunity to demonstrate all your skills. Then, with a successful result behind you, you can apply for your PPL(H) helicopter license. Congratulations! You’ve got your rotary wings and the world of helicopter flight lies before you.

Come fly with us. Take the first step towards your helicopter licence today.




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