Helicopter Flight Instructor Training – FI (H)
You’ve got your pilot’s licence and your helicopter career beckons. Now you’re faced with building experience, taking your flight instructor training opens doors. Initially, you’ll qualify as a restricted flight instructor before progressing to full certified flight Instructor (FI) status. With your FI (H), you’ll initially be able to instruct to PPL(H) level. Read on to learn more about how to become a flight instructor on helicopters.
We’re a CAA approved flight instructor training organisation

Rise Helicopters is a CAA approved Flight Training Organisation (FTO) and our instructor’s course perfectly complements our range of helicopter training. If you don’t have your commercial licence, it’s a great way to build hours before you start CPL (H) training. And by studying to instruct, and teaching people to fly, you’ll hone your flying skills too.
What do you need to start?

These are the flight instructor requirements you’ll need before you can start your instructor’s course:

  • A current UK helicopter pilot’s licence
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have passed the CPL (H) or ATPL(H) ground exams
  • Hold a valid JAR medical
  • Pass an evaluation flight test
  • Have 250 hours as pilot in command (PIC) on helicopters*

*The latter must include the following:

  • 100 hours as PIC if you hold an ATPL(H) or CPL(H)
  • 200 hours as PIC if you hold a PPL(H)
  • 10 hours instrument flight
  • 20 hours cross-country as PIC

What does the course cover?

To become a flight instructor is to achieve a responsible and coveted qualification. Teaching others to fly is challenging and rewarding; the day you get your instructor’s ‘ticket’ (courses typically take about four weeks) will go down as yet another memorable day in your career.

The FI (H) course includes the following subjects:

  • Teaching theory
  • Critique and evaluation of students
  • Techniques of flight instruction
  • Practical aspects of flight instruction

As you’d expect, there’ll be lots of flying (30 hours, with at least 25 hours dual instruction) as you build your new skills in the skies around our Gloucestershire base. There’s also the 125 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction that becoming a flight instructor involves:

  • 40 hours’ tuition
  • 78 hours’ teaching practice
  • 7 hours’ progress checks

On completion of your flight instructor course, you’ll be examined on instructing a student pilot to the level required for issue of a PPL(H).
What will you do with your flight instructor qualification?
With your FI course over, exciting opportunities become available with your marketable new skill. Maybe you’ll build a career instructing or use the experience to get your dream helicopter job? Many helicopter pilots who do power line surveys, fly celebrities, or master specialist flying such as heli-logging probably took flight instructor courses and worked as instructors once. It’s a great way to start in our industry, so make the most of your flight instructor opportunity with Rise Helicopters.




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