Make your helicopter training dreams come true

It’s easy to be successful with your helicopter training with Rise Helicopters in Gloucestershire, UK. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot wanting more helicopter flight training, we’ll design the high quality training that can get you the licence you want – and give you a personalised training experience with the same instructor whenever possible.

Embark on your helicopter training

Whether you are a helicopter novice or want to extend your training with an advanced qualification, our training team, a selection of different helicopters and a flexible approach ensures an enjoyable experience. Will learning how to fly a helicopter be a fascinating hobby or a rewarding new career? The sky’s the limit with your new helicopter pilot licence.

  • Helicopter training for your needs
  • Flexibility around your busy schedule
  • Quality helicopter training at reasonable cost
  • Helicopter training courses to match your experience
  • Full-time PPL(H) training or modular courses to suit you
  • Having the same trainer builds a productive partnership
Several different training helicopters in our fleet

Depending on your interests and experience, you can learn to fly a helicopter in any of our aircraft:

  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44 (easier to fly and comfier for helicopter pilot training)
  • Bell 206 Jet Ranger (the classic turbine helicopter)

And when you’ve completed your helicopter flight training, our helicopters are available for self-fly hire as you build your flying hours.

Each lesson carefully planned and delivered

Whether you’re hovering for the first time, mastering autorotation or learning advanced techniques, your helicopter flying training is fully explained before each lesson, then delivered by your friendly, experienced instructor. As a fully qualified trainer with years of helicopter instruction experience, they know how to develop your ability and ensure the fastest possible progress towards your goal.

We believe this is among the finest helicopter training in the UK, with lots of practical flying, and all the support you need as you work through ground training.

Rise Helicopters offer Type Ratings in the following aircraft:

Robinson R22

Robinson R44

Bell 206 Jet Ranger

The Type Rating can be done over 3 days or a couple of weekends

LPC (Licence Proficiency Check)

As you know, every 12 months you need a LPC. These can be done at Rise at relatively short notice. Rather than leave it to the last minute you are permitted to do this check flight up to 90 days before the LPC ‘run out date’ written in the back of your licence. The 12 months still runs from the old date (e.g. next one due in 15 months). This allows you to do a R22 and R44 LPC on the same day.

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