A helicopter gift experience – there’s nothing like it

We all know someone who’d enjoy a helicopter experience. It’s the partner who gets excited whenever Heli-loggers comes on TV or the teenager who knows all the James Bond helicopter chases. It could be a brother or sister, or a pensioner who’s never flown but whose gaze lifts skywards when helicopters fly overhead… Few people aren’t fascinated by helicopters. For a special gift, helicopter flight gift vouchers are guaranteed to capture the imaginations.

What’s involved

A rotary winged gift experience usually starts with personalised flight gift vouchers. These are usually for a helicopter experience flight or even a trial lesson lasting 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour. The helicopter thrill begins as soon as the recipient opens the envelope, mount during the days before their flight and reach a high on the day they fly.

On arrival, the recipient is welcomed by an experienced flight instructor. Next comes a briefing on the flight ahead and a look around the helicopter – typically a Bell JetRanger or a Robinson. Then it’s time to strap in for take off for the amazing experience of that first hover. As the flight continues, expect a jaw-dropping succession of breathtaking aerial views, taking in local landmarks and, in the case of a trial lesson, an introduction to helicopter flight. Even on an experience flight, look forward to an invitation to take the controls.

Back on the ground, a signed flight certificate is an integral part of helicopter gifts. It’s another souvenir to accompany the day’s photographs. Together, they’ll be a conversation piece for years. But only the recipient of the gift vouchers will have the special memory of what it was really like up there…

Who will enjoy a helicopter gift experience

Helicopter flying gift vouchers put smiles on faces of recipients as diverse as teenagers and adventurous octogenarians. Regardless of age or background, the response is typically one of massive excitement – ‘absolutely brilliant!’, ‘when can I do it again?’, ‘mind blowing’, and ‘a day I’ll never forget’, are heard time and again by operators. The words (if people aren’t lost for words) are invariably accompanied by a huge grin.

How to arrange helicopter flight gifts

Who knows where this gift experience could take the lucky recipient? For some it will be a once in a lifetime view of home or an area of natural beauty such as the Gloucestershire Cotswolds. For others, helicopter flight gifts set them on a career path into a global world of aviation adventure.

It’s easy to arrange a helicopter gift experience. An internet search for ‘helicopter gift’ and the name of your town will quickly produce a list of local operators who can make dreams come true with a helicopter flight voucher. And of course, as the gift giver, you have the perfect excuse to book your seat too and share the experience!




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