Welcome to Rise Helicopters – Helicopter Flights and Training

‘Rise Helicopters is an experienced and dynamic company run by a very skilled team. Our aim is to provide you with a level of service unparalleled in the helicopter industry. ‘

We operate our own fleet of 10 Helicopters, which suit virtually any role or specialisation. We focus on Helicopter Flight Training, Private and Business Charter, Weddings, Trial Lessons and Pleasure Flights

Our headquarters are at Gloucestershire Airport. We have superb unrivalled facilities offering our customers and students total luxurious surroundings at no extra cost. Our Lounge area has a bar, refreshments and wireless Internet connection. Outdoor teak furniture enables a fantastic view of the airfield when you relax outside on our balcony.
Gloucestershire Airport is ideally located to allow us to service most of the UK.
Flight Safety is paramount at Rise Helicopters, our safety record is impeccable and our unparalleled professional approach is unbeatable. We are registered with and regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
Please browse through our website to explore all the services we offer in more detail. Checkout our popular Pleasure Flights, Flight Training, Charter Services, Trial Lessons and Wedding options.

A helicopter is possibly the world’s most versatile and fun form of travel. It offers a level of freedom, flexibility and sheer excitement that’s difficult to beat.

Based at Gloucestershire Airport, RISE HELICOPTERS offers an exciting route into this exhilarating world of helicopter flying:

  • Gift Vouchers for Trial Lessons
  • Air Experience Days
  • Corporate Days
  • Flying Training PPL (H)
  • Air Charter
  • Wedding and SPA Specials
  • Sourcing and Maintenance

Once you have flown in a helicopter, two dimensional travel will never make your cylinders fire again!

Whether you are looking for the ultimate present… or learn to fly solo….or simply want to travel in style, talk to the team at RISE HELICOPTERS.




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