Amazing helicopter flights from Gloucestershire Airport

What’s your idea of a helicopter flight? A relaxing sightseeing flight above Gloucestershire or the undulating Cotswolds? Or a first helicopter flight where you enjoy the views and take the controls for a few minutes? Either way, Rise Helicopters can arrange helicopter joy flights from its Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton base, between Gloucester and Cheltenham. Whether you’re making a lifelong dream come true, or arranging a surprise for someone, we’ll arrange the helicopter flight you want.

What’s involved in helicopter flights?

Your helicopter flight will start and finish at Gloucestershire Airport. You tell us what you’d like to see or do and we’ll plan a flight. How about a spectacular flight down the River Severn and over the Royal Forest of Dean? Or maybe you fancy a bird’s eye view of the Cotswolds, taking in landmarks such as Chedworth and Sudeley Castle. The Malverns are always popular, as are 30-minute pleasure flights over Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Whatever you choose, helicopter pleasure flights are always exciting and memorable. And if you want to take the controls our experienced pilot instructor will be happy to let you have a go. It’s amazing what a few minutes ‘in control’ can lead to – memories that last a lifetime, an exciting new hobby or even a change of career. You might even want to have a go at hovering – it’s not as easy as it looks!

Where will we fly?

Choose our set flight itineraries or tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll arrange something suitable. During helicopter flights, favourite local landmarks take on a whole new perspective through the bubble canopy of a helicopter. GCHQ and Berkeley Power Station look completely different from 1500 feet; or maybe you’d like to overfly your home to take some aerial photographs. Imagine what a conversation-piece that will be when they’re on your living room wall.

What kind of helicopter will we fly in?

You’ve seen them in the skies over Gloucestershire, on TV or in films. Now you can enjoy a flight in the helicopters you’ve admired from afar. Depending on the number of passengers (between one and four), your flight will be in one of the following aircraft:

  • Robinson R22 (one passenger)
  • Robinson R44 (up to three passengers)
  • Bell 206b JetRanger (four-passenger helicopter flights)
How to arrange your helicopter pleasure flight

Whichever aircraft you fly in you’ll experience all the magic of helicopter flying. And, of course, our friendly, experienced pilot instructors can answer your questions about the aircraft and the surrounding landscape. What’s happening in that amazing cloudscape? Why does the helicopter have a tail-rotor? Which is the compass? What’s that village down there? Getting a personal insight into helicopter flying is all part of your pleasure flight.

For more information about helicopter flights, or to book yours, simply call us on 01452 857083 or [email us.].




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