Private helicopter hire isn’t just for millionaires

Helicopter hire for your private use. The very notion of ‘helicopter for hire’ evokes images of jet-set lifestyles, luxury travel without the hassles of public transport, and the convenience of helicopter flight.
Actually, you don’t need to be a millionaire to benefit from private helicopter hire in the UK. Whether for one person or a group, using private helicopters, and an experienced pilot, is often a cost-effective, convenient and exciting way to make more of your leisure time. And of course, if you’re a qualified helicopter pilot, you can enjoy the freedom of self-fly hire…

How could you use private helicopter hire?

Whichever option suits you, we’ve got a range of aircraft and the professional crew to take you wherever you want to go. The speed and style of helicopter travel enhances anything from a lunch appointment to a weekend at the races. Here are just a few activities and events that lend themselves to private helicopter travel:

  • Attend major horse racing meetings – helicopter hire makes it easy
  • A romantic lunch at a country house hotel
  • The British Grand Prix – leap frog traffic jams when you rent a helicopter
  • An amazing treat for the family
  • An unforgettable wedding reception departure…
  • A visit to friends in the country
  • A stylish arrival at a private event in your private helicopter
Cost-effective and stylish private travel

Has that got you thinking? When you spread the cost over several people (we can fly up to four passengers), it’s often cost-effective to hire a helicopter. Then there are all the other advantages:

  • Point-to-point convenience when you hire helicopter services
  • Speed (helps you get the most out of your day or weekend)
  • Helicopter rental frees you from stressful public transport
  • Avoid clogged roads
  • Style – nothing says you’ve arrived like a Bell JetRanger…

Where are you going? Give our experienced team a call; discover how a piloted helicopter can help you make the most of your precious time.

Self fly helicopter hire

For anyone with a private helicopter licence, we’ve got a selection of Robinson and Bell JetRanger helicopters for hire. Whether you fancy a couple of hours over the Cotswolds or need the aircraft for a weekend away, it’s easy to arrange self-fly helicopter hire from our Staverton Airport base.

It’s easy to hire helicopters. Here’s how.

Wherever you’re off to and whenever you need to go, call us on 01452 857083 or email us for more information about private helicopter hire.




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