Executive helicopter charter – it’s not just for Alan Sugar

Smart business people have used helicopter charters to save time and money for years. With helicopter charter in the UK becoming so popular, isn’t it time you did the same? When you need to get more out of each day or visit far-flung sites without the cost of hotel accommodation, charter helicopters from Rise Helicopters are the perfect productivity aid.
How do helicopter charters work?
The Rise Helicopters charter service spares you from traffic jams or unreliable public transport. Instead, you charter a fast, comfortable executive helicopter such as one of our Bell 206b JetRangers. You can fly from our convenient Gloucestershire base – or, subject to suitability, from another site. Arriving at your destination, you’ll feel fresh, relaxed and ready for business. And at the end of the day, we’ll get you safely home for supper. Playing with the kids and saying good night in person certainly beats another long-distance call from a lonely hotel room – it’s just another perk with our helicopter charter service.

The business benefits of helicopter charter

We’ve already touched on several of these – and there’s plenty that your accountant or financial director will approve of too:

  • Convenience
  • Improved business productivity
  • Point-to-point travel
  • Helicopter charter avoids the hassles of public transport
  • Arrive in style – few things impress like a JetRanger
  • Visit multiple sites in a fraction of the time a land trip would take
  • Save money on accommodation and other costs
  • Work while you fly

Now you can see why business people such as Alan Sugar use helicopters. With executive helicopters so readily accessible (and cost-effective) what’s stopping you enjoying the same advantages?

Where can I fly from?

Wherever you depart from, you can count on our modern, luxurious executive helicopters and highly experienced pilots. Many of our clients like to use our Gloucestershire Airport base near Cheltenham. For others, a landing site at their home or work means we can arrange departures from there. Just tell us what you need and we’ll design a package. When you charter a helicopter for business you’ll be amazed what’s possible.

More than just routine business travel

Got a special client to impress, or corporate hospitality at The Cheltenham Gold Cup, British Grand Prix, Glyndebourne or other events? Helicopter charter flights are perfect for any of these. We can even design helicopter-themed [team building events] or a [corporate treasure hunt].

How do I arrange executive helicopter charter?

It’s easy. Just call us on 01452 857083 or email us and we’ll help you arrange the perfect helicopter charter package for you (and your accountant).




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