Robinson R22 Helicopter
The Robinson R22 is a two-bladed, single-engine light utility helicopter, manufactured by Robinson Helicopters. The two-seat Robinson R22 was designed in 1973 by Frank Robinson and has been in production since 1979.
Due to relatively low acquisition and operating costs, the Robinson R22 Helicopter has been popular as a primary rotorcraft trainer around the world and as a livestock management tool on large ranches in North America and cattle stations in Australia. The Robinson R22 has a very low inertia rotor system and the control inputs are operated directly by push rods with no hydraulic assistance. Thus, the flight controls on the Robinson R22 Helicopter are very sensitive and require a light touch to avoid over correcting. A student that masters a R22 Robinson generally does not have a problem transitioning to a heavier helicopter.
Here at Rise Helicopters, we generally have around 5 students learning to fly a Robinson 22 at any one time and they undertake their helicopter training at our base at Gloucestershire Airport with one of our very experienced flight instructors.
Once students have gained their PPL(H), many of them go on helicopter trips around the UK and even over to Europe to gain as much flight experience as possible, the R22 Robinson is an ideal helicopter to build hours on due to the relatively low costs- particularly if they plan to extend their flight training to CPL(H) or FI(H) level.
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