Learn to Fly a Helicopter
Why learn to fly helicopters?…because helicopter flight is very different to other types of flying. First of all it is amazingly flexible and you can land pretty much anywhere you like provided you have the landowners permission. Secondly, if you were to fly a helicopter you will quickly see how beautiful it is up there. The view from a helicopter is second to none- in fact, learning to fly a helicopter is a bit like learning to fly a magic carpet! At first it will seem really difficult, but very quickly your instructor will show you that this is just an illusion and that in fact to fly a helicopter is not that difficult at all- it just takes patience and perseverance.
If you are now looking to learn to fly helicopters, then there are four controls that you need to be aware of: The Cyclic, which controls your direction and airspeed. The Collective, which controls your altitude. The Yaw Pedals, which control which way the helicopter is pointing and The Throttle, which controls the rotor speed. This is why when you learn to fly a helicopter it is so much fun. It is because operating all four controls at the same time is immensely rewarding and challenging at the same time. It is the ultimate man machine combination.
So the first step in learning to fly helicopters is to take a trial flying lesson. This can easily be arranged by calling up and booking your first flight in with reception. You may have wanted to learn to fly helicopters for some time now so this will be an exciting flight for you. The course will take 6 weeks if you come to us most days and there are 7 multiple choice ground exams that will need to be taken.
Once you learn how to fly a helicopter you will have begun a journey from which you will never look back- it is totally addictive. Come and learn how to fly a helicopter with us and we shall show you the ropes.

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