Helicopter Flying School
If you are interested in taking up this fantastic sport and are now truly hooked, the next big question is “which helicopter training school should I look at in order to enrol and do my PPL(H) training?”. There are so many flying schools in the UK so where does one begin? Flying schools are definitely not all the same, so it is really important to make the right decision as fas as helicopter flying schools are concerned, as a large investment is about to be made- namely your hard earned money.
The most important thing is to pick helicopter flying schools that are passionate about what they do, so go and ‘interview’ the helicopter school by booking a helicopter trial lesson. Don’t do this over the phone- just turn up and count how many minutes it takes for the staff to engage with you from the moment you walk in to the flying schools reception. If the response is slow and uninspired things are not likely to get better any time soon.
The next thing to look for at a helicopter flying school is how many aircraft do they have? Ultimately, you will want to self fly hire when you have completed your PPL(H) training, but will not want to be squashed between 3.00pm and 4.00pm on a Saturday afternoon, especially when the previous lesson runs into your allocated slot. At Rise Helicopters we have lots of aircraft and often allow self fly hirers to take the aircraft away for the weekend. Also, if your allocated aircraft has an engineering issue we have another one for you that is sitting in the hangar.
Now, do flying schools have engineering on site? This is important because engineering problems are dealt with straight away and down time of aircraft is minimised.
So the flying schools in the UK will vary tremendously from a porto cabin with one aircraft and no engineering available at that airfield to a full blown FTO with 10 aircraft and engineering on site like we have here at Rise. It is a no brainer.
Lastly, buy 10 hour blocks of flight time at your helicopter flying school- in this way you receive a discounted rate. If the flying school is small be wary of paying for the course up front as this may be too much financial exposure.
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