Helicopter Flying Lessons
There are a number of helicopter courses that can be undertaken under the umbrella of pilot training. Firstly, there is the Private Pilot’s Licence, then the Commercial Pilot’s Licence, the Instructor Rating and then the Instrument Rating. There are other types of flying lessons that can be undertaken namely the mountain training, formation course or night rating to name a few, but the first of all flying lessonsmust be the helicopter flying experience lesson (trial flying lesson). This, in fact, is called exercise three- the trial flying lesson. Helicopter flight lessons run from exercise three through to exercise 27. Exercises one and two are performed on the ground. These exercises, once mastered, are the building blocks to acquiring the Private Pilot’s licence and the further courses.

Helicopter pilot training in not inexpensive and therefore it is really important that you receive the most from your flying lessons. Each flying lesson is preceded by a flight brief and then approximately one hours flying. This is then followed by a debrief. The cost of flying lessons depends on which aircraft you are learning on. Some of our students learn on the Robinson 44. The cost for your PPL(H) course is the amount of hours it takes you to learn plus a small fee for sitting 7 ground exams. All the books and equipment come in one bag and costs around £260.00 inc vat. The price list for the different aircraft that we use for helicopter flying lessons can be found on this website on the price list page. Once you have completed your last helicopter flying lesson then it is time for you to sit a Licence Skill Test with our examiner.

Helicopter Flying Lessons in the Midlands UK

Why take helicopter flying lessons in Gloucestershire? At Gloucester Airport we have a full Air Traffic Control facility with Tower and Approach frequencies. This is a busy little airport, which makes it an ideal airport for training. This prepares you for other airfields. You will develop a high degree of confidence with all the air to ground communications involved in your flying lessons.

Course requirements:

Minimum 45 hours flight training

Included in this:

10 hours solo- of which 5 hours must be cross country. Within the 5 hours cross country you must have completed a 100nm flight that lands at two different airfields.

Completion of 7 multiple choice ground exams: Air Law, Communications, Meteorology, Navigation, Human Performance, Principles of Flight and Flight Performance and Planning.Book your first lesson now

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