Add a new dimension to team building events with helicopters
How will you reward your hard-working teams and customers with an extra-special corporate team building day? Everyone, it seems, has paintballed or go-karted; even track days can appear a bit run of the mill. What you need is something to really wow your guests – and nothing does this like helicopters.
So much more than just a corporate helicopter flight

At Rise Helicopters, we specialise in corporate team building activities using our fleet of Robinson and Bell Jet Ranger helicopters. Just tell us what you need and we’ll design a day’s activities (or longer) that your guests will never forget:

  • Helicopter experiences
  • Trial helicopter flying lessons
  • Vintage fixed-wing flights
  • Team building events such as hover challenges
  • Corporate treasure hunt – in helicopters!

Suddenly, bridge-building with planks and oil drums, and other corporate team building games, look rather mundane…

Hover challenges

Hovering is one of the most important, yet hardest, helicopter skills. In the hands of our instructors it looks easy – but how will your reps or the marketing director get on as they try to hold the helicopter in a hover for as long as possible? Once airborne the instructor will establish a steady hover and show the student how to use the controls before inviting them to have a go. It’s not easy, but it’s exhilarating for the budding pilot and highly entertaining for those watching! The winner is the person who manages the longest hover.

Searching for treasure by air

Another of our team building activities involves four-person teams and a helicopter. Each team chooses a leader. Then, with an Ordnance Survey map and a set of clues, each has 10 minutes to familiarise themselves with the area, interpret the clues and make notes. Once aboard the helicopter they direct the pilot on the route to be followed and solve the clues. At the end (30 minutes or an hour) teams are scored and prizes awarded.

Bespoke team building events

Tell us about other competitive elements you’d like to include in your day. We’ll work with you to incorporate a number of appropriate challenges, tailor days to suit your specific requirements and meet additional requirements such as these:

  • Delicious catering – from snacks to barbeques
  • Helicopter sightseeing
  • Helicopter golf tours
  • Corporate helicopter flights to hotels and restaurants
  • Helicopter transfers to and from your company location (if possible)

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service for team building events. Just ask and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you. Call our friendly team on 01452 857083, or email us to discuss the possibilities.




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