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Stunning Helicopter Pleasure Flights – Gloucestershire Style
Helicopters fly daily over the Grand Canyon, Manhattan and other worldwide sightseeing destinations. But if you live in or near Gloucestershire, England, it’s also easy to enjoy amazing views and experience the excitement of a helicopter flight. And you’ll see Gloucestershire as you may never have experienced it before.
What to expect from your first helicopter flight

For anyone who has never flown in a helicopter before, 30-minute helicopter pleasure flights over Gloucestershire begin with a briefing. Next comes an introduction to the helicopter, probably a Robinson R22 or R44 trainer. Then, with the excitement mounting, you’ll be strapped in and, flown by an experienced flight instructor. After take-off, expect about 30 minutes of flight over the county before returning to the airfield and hovering back to the apron where your signed commemorative flight certificate awaits you.

Take off for a helicopter flight over Gloucestershire

From a couple of thousand feet, familiar Gloucestershire landmarks will take on a new perspective through the bubble canopy of your helicopter. Gloucester city centre and the cathedral never looked like this from Eastgate Street; Kingsholm, the home of Gloucester Rugby Club looks tiny amidst the urban sprawl of the city; and isn’t that your house down there….

No two pleasure flights are the same

Moments later you’re out over rural Gloucestershire and the Severn winds away impressively to the South West under a stunning cloudscape. Banking again, you enjoy a wonderful view over the Cotswolds as the sunshine flares through the cockpit glazing and radio chatter over the headset confirms that this isn’t a daydream. No two flights are the same: the light is different, or the weather, and the only certainty is that you’re immersed in the magic of helicopter flight. Rest assured that, if it’s your first time, life will probably never be the same again. Too soon, you’re back in the pattern, descending over Staverton’s perimeter and hovering towards the hangar. Though your flight may be over, the memories will last forever.

More than just helicopter pleasure flights

Who knows what future adventures the experience will have inspired? Once you’ve got the helicopter flight bug, perhaps you’ll want to take rotary-wing flying a stage further. A brief helicopter pleasure flight is one thing, but learning to fly ‘choppers’ takes helicopter flights to a whole new level. With Gloucestershire helicopter operators such as Staverton-based Rise Helicopters, you can make your dreams of learning this unique skill come true. Who knows where your new interest will take you – and isn’t it amazing what a 30-minute pleasure flight in the skies over Gloucester can lead to…




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